Ladies Shoe 

Product Photos and Details

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How It is Being Made

Goodyear Welted Construction
The standard in durable performance. Rib welt is first attached to the insole and then uppers are directly stitched to the rib and welt. The welt is then stitched to the insole that is directly attached to the outsole. There is no other better way to achieve the stability that keeps you sure footed and performance that never says quit. One of the boots using this construction is combat boot.

Stuck-On Construction
Cemented models provide lightweight, flexible and comfort that is still tough enough to outwork any other boots on the job. The leather upper and the cup soles are roughened, cemented, and then fused to each other. This process creates a durable flexible boot that keeps feet comfortable day after day.

General Features

  • Upper Leather - Chrome Tanned Full Grain Leather
  • Cushion Insole
  • Slip Resistant (sole)
  • Rubber Sole / Leather Sole / Escolite Sole
  • Non Woven Lining / Leather Lining

Working Conditions

  • Normal Wear
  • Hard Surface
  • Office Environment